Creating a Photoshop Illustration

I am always asked the question on my social media sites, On how I construct my graphic illusions... How I start off my illusions… How I get going on my adventures with Photoshop?

So a thought I'll run through my first couple of setups on. How I get started on my graphic illusions I own a Wacom Bamboo series tablet which makes it a lot easier you can use just a pen paper and scan these images into Photoshop. But for me I've got a bamboo table, so I'm going to use it as my advantage.

So my first step when I get into creating the images I open up my graphic template. The image size for my graphic template is 2048 pixels for the longest edge this is the for the best decompression rate on any social media site so if you want to make sure that you've got the best quality image that you can possibly upload to Facebook for instance if you enter 2048 pixels the compression rate for Facebook will be great.

So my first stop is now that I'v open up my template. I create a new layer, I call that layer concept just to make life simple, I'm going to start off with it's just a clear layer nothing fancy.  I'm just going to use a brush tool. however if you want to use a pen and you feel comfortable in drawing go for it. I'm going to use around about 6 pixels that just gives me the size that I want and I will choose black for the colour any colour is fine, so I've got the outline concept in my head these thoughts just pop in there, when I'm traveling to work, eating dinner, starring that the ceiling when I should be sleeping but the best ones have always been in my dreams, look for inspiration everywhere..

 This idea is going to be a couple balloons floating around with some tiny houses. So what I do is roughly estimate as I just draw nice little house here just to give me the understanding of what I'm actually looking for or what I'm thinking of so it's just a little tiny house forming, I'm thinking of a veranda around the side here a window or two maybe four around here a little door. I'm going to have a little bit of a balcony just little veranda again, maybe have a smokes chimney out here. Am I going to leave a garden around the outside for them to play or am I just going to drop it off,  I think that garden idea was really good... I just draw an image on to my screen here it doesn't have to be perfect it doesn't have to be anything neat I just want something constructed to give myself a little path as you can see, I add a hot air balloon doesn't even need to a real balloon style. I ask questions to myself while I'm drawing whats next what else to add, It's just creating a concept, starting off an illusion...

I'm just creating so I just give myself ideas for freedom on how you how you want things to start off with. Obviously you might change these ideas throughout your Photoshop creation you haven'g got the images in stock or you have another idea what works better, this is just a base from where I start. Which allows me to forget and not to dwell and think on the small detail when you're creating, Rather what I might work on to bring it together instead of should put something there that doesn't belong or what was I thinking again for here. This is how I start the ball rolling once the idea is down the fun begins getting the images and trying to make the idea come to life..

Happy creating everyone...

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