The World of Apatche Revealed will teleport you to a realm of imagination and creativeness where the mind of an artist will show you unique Graphic Designs, Illustrations, Artwork and Photography.
— RAW Brisbane 2015

Graphic Designer, Photographer & Artist

This is Apatche Revealed


My  Mission

Daryl's dream is to one day own a gallery and work for the love of his creations. He is and has been a weekend market store holder since 2007 and has created websites and social media platforms which allows the world to see his style, until that dream comes true he'll enjoy his days with the Queensland Government as a Public Servant and his nights with a desk lamp beaming, a pencil, mouse and clicks from his camera lens...

What I've Achieved

  • 2017 Published in August Color Pencil Magazine.

  • 2017 reach the top 10% most voted over 50,000 images submitted

  • 2017 Published in the first edition of FC Baller

  • 2016 Published on October in Issue 141, Photoshop Creative Magazine.

  • 2015 Donated underwater Painting 80x50" to Connect Cairns Art Auction, for Cairns regional council candidate.

  • 2015 Published on February in Issue 124, Photoshop Creative Magazine.

  • 2015 Raw Show Case, picked for RAW Brisbane Art Showcased exhibition at The Met in Fortitude Valley.

  • 2015 Article about Daryl Frakes Inside Trading Queensland Government's newsletter.

  • 2013 Published on August in Issue 102, Photoshop Creative Magazine.

  • 2012 Published in Issue 91 and 89, Photoshop Creative Magazine.

  • 1993 Talented Artist Award, Art exhibition at local Cane Harvest Festival in Maclean and was selected for a special art school.

  • 1984 Recorded first drawing.