Who is Apatche Revealed ?

Daryl Frakes was born on the outskirts of Sydney - New South Wales, Australia. He started drawing at a very young age and proudly kept his first drawing which he drew at the age of 3 ½.  Deciphering the image itself is still a mystery - some say a plane, most a bird, he says it could have been a fish maybe even a giraffe.  Daryl has grown and exceeded the sky’s limit expanding his passion for graphic arts and photography.

Daryl's art has lead him on some amazing adventures - winning local school awards, being published in multiple magazines around the world, invited to present showcases and photographing weddings across Australia.  He also has thousands of followers on social media sites.  Some clients have pushed his imagination further than he thought possible and Daryl is deeply honoured and always amazed reflecting on his past.  

Some commission pieces he has undertaken would take days, sometimes months - his hand so frozen in the shape it was difficult to extend it.  His eyes glued to the screen and the camera lens until he finished.  One such piece was a major effort lasting 67 days straight. 

His grandfather wisely said, “If you love what you do you will never work a day”.  A passion he will never give up...

Right now Daryl is on an adventure of a lifetime, check out his latest News post to see what pat of the world he is visiting.

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