16 hours in Singapore

16 hours in Singapore, What do you do?

I arrived at 3:30pm at Terminal 2, ran to the free tour guide location to hopefully lock in a spot only to find it was booked out.. Oh well now? Lets do your own how had can it be, you don't know the city, nor the language, you have no internet or money so I just I went straight to immigration got another stamp on my passport and ventured out to see what I can see in Singapore, this place is so easy to get around, I changed a couple of dollars and got a paper map, who knew those thing are still used, sorry my faithful triposo..

Checkout my 16 hours in Singapore video

I got a tourist transit card which is cheap enough, so I can jump on to as many trains, buses that I like.. First stop was Bugis to checkout the a markets and food alleys grab a little taste of no Vietnamese food and a fruit drink then I adventured to frank canal park nothing much to report as it was under construction for a light show that was happening tonight, But that didn't stop me from enjoying a bubble tea and a Durain so I then jumped on a train at Dhoby Ghaut station and headed to Raffles Place which is where you want to stop I pulled up a seat at Caffe Fernet relaxed with a couple of Shizas so I can watch the sunset of the Marina Bay Sands as I was sitting there the bartender said make your way over to the other side for the light show at 8pm, speculator is what it is, little hint don't sitting in right in front as the wave of people then try to push thru the Sands to get to the Gardens by the bay for their light show at 8:30pm just blocks the flow I sat on the side saw a great view and walked around the Marina Bay Sands missing most of the crowd and easily found a spot for the walts under the trees, then I went back to across the bay at 10pm as you will like to walk around the garden for a bit plus I have plenty of time to pass, but I set up the camera for the light show again,ever better across the bay. After that I jumped on the last train for the night to the airport.. Had a nice warm refreshing shower at the ambassadors lounge, a free movie next door, they play them 24 hours a day.. By now its 2am the airport is quiet only duty free and a few food stores were open.. So its writing the blog and editing the photos and videos of my 16 hour in Singapore..

A pro tip for all my photographer fans; These below photos were taken without any extra equipment all I had was a camera and a lens hood.. Roll your finger off the trigger, use stairs, guard rails and posts if you need, place the camera in your lens hood to get the angel you need.


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