You WON !!!

Those things are real, who would have known that the holiday giveaways you see are real, that's right my friend won 4 tickets to Malaysia Kula Lumpur for the formal one grand prix all expenses paid.. Candle stick towers here we come.

Four friends are about to hit Malaysia for a week full expenses paid trip it was on, hotels with awesome pools, market shopping, nightclubs and above all else the formal one Grand Prix with Jamiroquai live, entertainment heaven one can call this trip.

After a little skip across the ocean we touched down in KL, it was night time already and the driver that was holding the sign up for us we feeling like royalty walking out of the arrival area, jumped in the car and drove to the hotel the view for the 6th floor was perfect, the pool below and the twin towers know as the PETRONAS where right in front shining.. But their for another day..

We were left on our own for a couple of days, it was just a hotel phone call away but the Optus representative let us experience KL for our-self first it was a tram around the town looking and trying to find the markets and a place to have a drink, after a lot of laughs and getting lost a few times we found some great food market places and some crazy pubs too, but our highlight was lazying by the pool and climbing the 54 stories of the Petronas towers..

But before we knew it, a day later we are picked up and taken for a drive to see the grand prix, it was packed people everywhere and there where more cars than people too, its started out a nice day tho the 20th lap in rain, not those little rain drops that you can chose not to turn the wipers on but a down pour, it was hours later at night about the time when Jamiroquai was to start that the rain stop and by that time it was muddy that didn't stop anyone it was so much fun..

After the formal one event we rested, well sleep most of the day away, but that didn't stop us from having a great night, we were taken to a show and taught how to dance a traditional Malaysia dance and a fest to match, but it was time to party we were driven to a club on top a hill wish i could remember the name but it had a small black door, we looked at each other and went this is going to be bad, knowing that there is a law about alcohol in Malaysia as well. But we were so wrong, the guide brought a VIP suite for us and it was OFF THE HOOK, a pool, a DJ and a view of the whole city and fireworks this place still to this day 2018 is one of the best clubs I've been too and yes I did "fall" into the pool, who wouldnt...

Malayisa club (1 of 1)-3.jpg