The Queens Home

I’m a decent of the Queen duke, well I would like to think I am, the family tree does take my line back to the ages of knights & honor my family was very important to the castle that their seal was forged, but we we’ve only got back as far as basket weavers for the duke of …… This isn’t a story to say I’m being knighted again but this is a story to trace my roots..

One very cold boy steps off a plane at Heathrow greeted by a woman and in red that was standing next to the Van that will be home for a month, After giving my parents hugs as I haven't seen them for a few month as they have been traveling in the UK. It was time to check out the new home, and get some warmer cloths, a winter for an Australian is just a summer for an Englishman.

First stop Windsor, Crossing the river to head to Elton Collage and then back to Windsor castle  castle do the normal Frakes family posses outside the front gates we seemed to have scared away most of the tourist.

After out little tour around Windsor castle it was back to the motor home where I will be sleeping on the floor for a whole month while my partner get a nice, soft, comfortable, warm, spacious bed, I did get a nice pillow..  We had a few stops on our way down to Cornwall with the rest of the family reside, at Bath there was some awesome roman history, Duster Castle had some great views begin on top of a Mountain & of course we could pass up the home of King Arthur Tintagel..

After a weeks of driving around see a few more sights and braving the cold we made it to Mullion where our family has decided to meet for a couple of 50th birthday party, We had a good couple of days visiting the local area, hanging out with the cousins and see the sights of a quite little coastal town, was a home away from home..

But that didn't stop us, back into the motorhome there's more of England to see.. Stonehenge of course we couldn't past that up and my dad was awesome. Not only he knows the know, but he knows the how, He found this little dirt road about 100 meters pass the enterance of Stonehenge and that was our camping ground, BREATH TAKENING morning the sunrise was amazing.

Stone henge 2009.jpg

After night under the stars of Stonehenge and a sunrise that will go down as one of my favourites, It was off to Saint Michael Mont, you get to walk out to this Castle that was built around the 12th century as its on a tidal island you may get to walk out but if you leave it to long you need to boat back our get very very wet feet a snorkel may be required too.

We made it to winchester where we had a little car problem sa my holiday was coming to an end and my parnets still have another year to go, they bought a train ticket to London for me and that was that, hugged the folks good bye and spent my last 10 days in London seeing the sights we a few good friends I made there.