The land of Spice

A long turbulence ride over our blue planet and another stamp has been put in my passport. I have made it to the land of spice and to my named “hotel perfect” in New Delhi. I somehow manged to get another festival happening this time it’s the 78th year Durga Puja Celebration so the streets are crowed and its late people are everywhere, however something tells me this is a quite night.

View from the roof top of my hotel “Hotel Perfect”

View from the roof top of my hotel “Hotel Perfect”

One thing they don’t tell you about festivals in India everything is closed during the day, I went on a search for food at 8am, I wasn’t looking very hard but somehow I ended up over 20kms away from my hotel visiting a long the way Rasina hill and the India gate I walked my way back thru Connaugh Place and found something to eat around 2:30pm.. I was just walking maybe a rickshaw or two were involved as well I was my own adventure because now I have taken the stress out of traveling and book a tour..

Oh so BIG tip for anyone that is planning a trip to India, Money…… Yes the important one, Do not buy all your currency back home. Australia can not buy India rupees (well the banks cann’t) and the travel exchange only has large denominations and a terrible exchange rate.

*Wait till you get to an ATM here, I got twice the exchange for 3 times less for the AUD..

Another little add to the tips, believe it all not there is hardly any internet so if you are a person that live off the net get ready to be disconnected..

So There’s two things people talk mostly about regarding India that is food and the of people, so I’m thinking I’m going to make a slideshow of the meals I have a long the way, let the feasting begin.

Now, today is a new day and we’re ready to travel India my 5 fellow travelers we’re going to have a ball, 4 Aussies and 1 American let the good times roll with our fearless leader Akhilesh from interpid, First Stop the New and the Old Delhi;

Left to Right order; Rashin Hill, India Gate, Rajpath Canopy, Old Delhi and Jama Madjid Mosque.

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New Delhi to Varanasi 13 hours on a sleeper train (820kms) what an experience and a way to save on travel time, whats better to go to sleep and wake up in new city, (this time meaning to) now; its time to explore the holli city, burning grounds, markets that are all connected with busy sidewalks that are roads, shopping hubs and pastures for the odd cow, goat and pig that is standing around..

Varanasi this place has it all, well now it has 6 more awesome people touring around. It was a great day to make it all the way to the famous Ganga River a very interesting place and very cultural seeing how people remember their loved ones, life on the river banks..

Ganga River.jpg

Last night, we all jumped into two of the famous tuk tuks of India and had a race from our hotel to the Ganga river for a special night, my tuk tuk might have won only because the other ran out of petrol and became a push cart… But it was breathtaking evening just to sit by the river watching the moon rise above the boats motoring down and up the river and people find the perfect spot for tonight’s Ganga Aarti (Pray ceremony) some may been a little more comfortable than others sitting naked in front of everyone, no it wasn’t me, I was enjoying our pizza and apple pies.. They lit candles to float down the river, and others to dance with the 100 head cobra candle holders

Ganga River Aarit.jpg

We got to sleep in to we were meant to have an early morning sunrise boat tour , however the Ganga river is 20 meter above normal and flooding as you can see (above) mud everywhere there’s meant to be huge step that are now covered in mud, so our tour guide has taken as on a tour out at Shaakya around the land of the Buddhists temples, such history and green grass but the day didn’t end there, one of us heard the word pool, and that was We headed to a palace of Jung Bahdur Rana built in 1816 and spent time relaxing by the pool drinking kingfisher, than moved onto the classic screw drivers than Martinis with a feast fit for Royalty cause we are.

Shaakya B.jpg

Ok forget about that early sleep in it was alarms set for 4am, my eyes were not opening I dragged myself out of the hotel and we all jumped a couple of tuk tuks and scooted down the empty road of Varanasi to see the sunrise (who would have thought empty roads), However the sunrise was just prefect.

Ganga river Morning.jpg

It was a again time to board another sleeper train, 17 hours from Varanasri to Agra the home of the Taj Mahal one of the 7 wonders of the world. The train ride took longer than expected and it was rockin’ and swaying the whole way one of our fitbits said we did 8489 steps, not bad for a nights rest.

Due to running late our tour guide said we only have a few hours till sunset and there is a 3 hour limit at the Taj Mahal, you will only have 2 and half hours to see it in and its going to be late, all I heard was sunset at the Taj Mahal and my smile grew for me it was prefect timing..

Taj Mahl.jpg

A Palace fora day is where you need to stay said our guide, we jumped on a private bus and drove and drove from Agra to Tordi a little country town in the middle of India so they had to put us up in a Palace we’re really had done by, then drove us around in jeeps seeing the sights while our meals were being made and on top of that they made us drink chia by the lake edge watching the sun go down, wow what a relaxing day..