The Ancient World

Brisbane to Athens isn’t a short skip it’s a 25 hours of transit. However, a place well worth seeing a must for most adventures, It’s also just become an experience for someone who just go their first passport 10 days earlier, I meet a mother and her daughter at Brisbane airport each plane they were either a seat in front, a seat behind till well got the some row on the last leg, it was great to share the ride with someone talking about experiences making the whole trip enjoyable even with the layovers and the little lady what a trooper for a first international trip she did it better than I, not a complaint.. Well done to her, their grandma will have a great surprise when she rocks up at the front door with moo and banana..

But that’s story for another day its about me after all, hahaha. I have made it to Athens current sleeping under the Parthenon, I couldn’t have picked a closer location and at $28 aud a night in a nice backpackers call Athens studios I scored good, now its shut eye recharge the body and get ready to explore Greece tomorrow.

My first sight of the Parthenon under the Hadrian gate

My first sight of the Parthenon under the Hadrian gate

Acropolis of Athens, what can I say a well worth hike up a mountain to see, not only do you see the Parthenon but the view of Athens itself is breath taking, Athens is a city like something I have never been to before, the history mixed into the modem world is amazing, now you do need to look out for yourself here its not a safe place, scammers and thieves everywhere so be careful of your things, a room mate got robbed last night walking the streets. Today, I hear so many people telling the police that something was stolen.. But on the brighter side Athens is beautiful, the people are gorgeous, their fashion even better and the colours make you forget your worries, I might not come home this place already has me..

Now there’s two things I will leave you with seeing Athens, first the ticket to see Acropolis and the Parthenon is $20 euro but there is also a multiple (full ticket) for $30 euros that gets you to see 7 sites otherwise its $20 each site, but you need to buy this at Acropolis entrance..

The second tip and the best, skip breakfast if you don’t want a crowd on the Acropolis I went at 8 am when the gates opened I was in like the first 10 people to walk thru tho I took my time getting up, cause after 20 minutes later good luck there will be thousands at the gates and on top before you know it..


Other places on the multi full ticket are Ancient Agora, Hadrian’s library, Kerameikos, Aristole’s School, Olympieian and the Roman Agroa plus another good thing about this ticket is, its valid for 5 days so you don’t need to run around seeing them all in one day, cause you couldn’t really.

What can I say today was a truly remember-able day, I only brought a drone maybe 2 months ago still learning, still getting use to flying, shutter speeds and ISO but what happened today was all worth it an unique experience a view of Greece like no other, the green hill (Filopappou Hill also called the Hill of the Muses), above in my photo I walked to the top today and let the drone spread its wings this has to be my best photo so far..

Acropolis mountain | Athens

Acropolis mountain | Athens

So it was one more hike up Filopappou for a night shot of the Parthenon and I think I have covered all views one would like to get, so I’ve decided to wake up really early and if you know me that’s a hard thing to do, but I booked a ferry to Santorini this morning so up at 4am caught a train down to Piraeus port and jumped on the Seajet. It roughly takes 5 and a half hours to get there, so a little snooze and an edit of the last nights photo of the Parthenon. This afternoon I will be living it up on an Island that is renowned for white buildings, blue doors and beaches that their waters are clear as a crystal..

Acropolis sunset.jpg

Santorini what can I say that pictures can not, this place is breath taking the cliffs are lined with white buildings, shops, hotels and restaurants.. I couldn’t just take one photo today not even limit myself, as I decided to the Fira to Oia hike its a must for anyone who comes here a hike along the cliffs along the rim of a caldera, explore the towns of Oia, Imerovigli, Firostefani, and Fira, and enjoy some of the most beautiful views of the island for 10kms, they say you can do it in 2 hours but that depends on how many photos you take, so it took me 6 hours to hike the 10kms not adding in the extra cliff climbs, the sitting on the edge of the stairs just watching everything, it was truly magical to walk…

Ifestia Festival

Ifestia Festival

After the Ifestia Festival, a festival entirely dedicated to the volcano eruption that changed the landscape of Santorini forever in the mid-second millennium BCE, I decided to head to another island call Ios, now this was a place, clean beaches, clear waters and nobody in sight. If I ever come back to Greece and want to get away, sure I would visit Santorini there isn’t a place on earth like it, but if you truly want to unplug, relax and spend days being you, Ios is where to go, the locals are friendly not in your face trying to sell you things or moving you away from blocking their shop window, but ios they have a smile when you just come and checkout their restaurant and will walk your food and drinks all the way to your umbrella on the beach… I have a room on the beach that was cheaper than a hostel room of 10 on santorini called Mare Monte, this is a getaway, this is where you need to come to unwind.

Ios church.jpg

What a day, Ios is a place to visit I just relaxed and went on a drone mission around the bay flying it everywhere and just having a great time taking in the blue waters, well that’s until night fell and the storm came and knocked out the the power but that didn’t stop me.. I made “A day in Ios | Greece” vlog just to temp a few of you to visit this amazing island.

Now, I am cruising on the ship called Dionisios Solmos 8 decks, 3 elevators, 4 cafes and more lounge chairs than you need looking out the floor to ceiling windows at the island going by, it’s going to be a long trip back to Athens as we are stopping at nearly every island that’s on the way Sikinos, Folegandros, Milos, Sifnos, Serifos, and Kythnos, but this is what an adventure is about, its not point A, to point B its the breath you take in between that counts.

My new adventure in Greece, involved a 5 hour train ride about 300kms inland from Athens to a place called Meteora. There are six (of an original twenty four) monasteries that were built on immense natural pillars, hill-like rounded boulders its been know that people have been living here for over 23,000 years. Now there is an easy way and a hard way to get around these hills, here’s a 45 minutes car ride that will stop you at all six monasteries or you could walk for hours in the bush off the beaten tracks and see much more than just a quick drive, that’s what I did think I clocked up about 40kms in two days climbing and waving thru bush-land, and it was stunning.. A word of caution, you do need to have some fitness with you, the hills are 400 meters straight up and the tracks are steep most people can walk them but when you decide to go down that roos trail then it becomes interesting..

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