South Australia

These are my Trips down to my brothers area, South Australia and all the fun that we have gotten up to over the past couple of Years. What a great part of Australia to visit and live. Well done brother..

South Australia (abbreviated as SA) is a state in the southern central part of Australia. It covers some of the most arid parts of the continent. With a total land area of 983,482 square kilometres (379,725 sq mi), it is the fourth-largest of Australia's states and territories. It has a total of 1.7 million people, and its population is the most highly centralised of any state in Australia, with more than 75 percent of South Australians living in the capital, Adelaide, or its environs. Other population centres in the state are relatively small.

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It was a cloudless blue sky day and the water was clear as diamonds while the Groom and the groomsman waited on the beach under the sun shining like a crystal ball above we all wearing a light navy blue tailored suit, sunnies on having a laugh water bottles in hands, a half an hour goes bye before we see a white laced umbrella rising from the sand dunes my brother turns to face us while we all watch the bridesmaids wearing a beautiful light apricot dress smiling a giggling while continuing their walk towards the groom to stand in a semi-circle line like the crest of a moon with the groomsmen for the Groom’s first sight of his beautiful Bride, what a sight it was, the bride shining in white, long blonde hair with gems sparkling thought-out a veil as long as the dress free flowing in the air as light as feathers…

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The swell may not be very big in Seaford, But when the weather is great why not hit the water even for just a laugh..

Mt Lofty, If I could spend some days planning this hike it would be a great place to visit a couple of times a year. However my brother dropped me off on a random day and said he had to go to work its about 4 hours down the hill so see you in 5 hours in Spring this place would be amazing.

Now there's no good trip to South Australia without stopping at some wineries, here's a few snaps I've taken on my visits, and there's always time for more.

Basketball game with my brother on his 31st birthday.. Second game I’ve played in over 16 years.. Great Game, Great night to end my brothers Birthday... Score 34 to 43..

It hasn't always been perfect in South Australia, There have been some crazy storms too, This was one October trip where there was 140kms winds and I was stuck on the tarmac unable to get off the plane due to most of South Australia power was out, still didnt stop us from advertuing

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Did a 10 day trip, roadtrip from Brisbane to Adelaide in 2015

Kangaroo Island - in South Australia. Family Trip; Daryl, Ashley & Harriet the 17-07-2015 till19-07-2015. ******* HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER ********* Kangaroo Island is just off the mainland of South Australia, below Adelaide. It's known for its diverse wildlife and nature reserves, including Flinders Chase National Park and its kangaroos, wallabies, koalas and many bird species.

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