A New Years holiday to remember

It was time to shut down the work computers, say goodbye to the work colleagues and friends cause the end of the year holidays are a pond us and it time for me to travel to Ashby in New South Wales to my childhood home for the last time. That's right our family farm call "Wgandi" is no longer home after 30.5 years..

462 Tullymorgan Rd Ashby, NSW 2463

462 Tullymorgan Rd Ashby, NSW 2463

It was a special moment the whole family together for the last Christmas, we said our good bye and took one last look at the farm and remembered all the good times, sad times and all the moments that made this place our childhoods home.

Days into the holiday There's been beach tours, rain-forest walks, cheese and wines dinners, ridding on the resorted 1943 landrover, hopping on the backs of trackers & having a shove and cart in toe wherever we go, feeding the kangaroos and birds, picking fresh fruits it wasn't a holiday it was paradise but if you think that was it for my holiday, I was already setting off for my next adventure making the most of end of 2017..

Hello, North Stradbroke Island.. I was taken to a favourite beach in Queensland Cylinders Beach, Where a family have been camping for 19 years, every New Years holiday & between you and me they couldn't have picked a better location.

Now, I could give you a day by day play of what we did for each day or I could give you the brief summary, I'm going to go with the summary as writing we laid on the beach, swam in the ocean, laid on the beach and again swam in the ocean would just make you go where's the action the extreme things we know you do on holidays, Well this was a different holiday but don't worry I certainly went silly, I fell on the board that I found sliding down the dunes, lets say the night after I didn't get much rest.. Don't know how, but being knocked unconscious isn't a fun thing to do..

The days were also mixed up by walks getting fish & chips, see all the beaches on the Island, grabbing prawns and strolls along the cliffs and the views were fantastic, with pizza and wine on the beach over New Years Eve, It was a dream a holiday I will never forget.. But a dream sometimes only remains as a dream..


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