Boy who found the coconuts

There was a time before the photography passion took off, a time that I didn't like photos, but it was still a time I loved adventures this just happens to be Bali. 

I was a teenager and my parents wanted to show me the world, so we took a trip to Bali for 2 weeks, as both my bother and I loved the surf and the whole family enjoyed water so what could be more better than a place that is known for the beach sunsets and waves a little volcanic islands called Bali.

Bail 1997 Cocnut tree.jpg

We arrived around 10am one summers days and head straight to kuta beach, it a airport pickup  out motel just a meters away from the beach 2 stories high clean and white, walking past the lobby being a county kid I was picking up my jaw then I saw it, the pool, the pool had a built in bar my father and I looked at each and said yes that where the afternoon swims will be but before that silence agreement with him, My brother is already launching off the pools edge yelling bombs away.. We leave him there while we make our way up the hotel room to unpack. 

For the the average traveler, shacking up in the poplar tourist places isn't what my family has mind of course we checked out Kuta beach, the Zoo, restaurants, markets and the corn vendors and not to put aside the Monkey Temple which is certainly worth a visit for the sunsets. But my parents hired car out and we did a trip around the countryside checking out the rice fields secluded beaches and hotels that treat you like royalty as you're the only guest in a small Island that has thousands of tourist a week.

Bail 1997 restrunat.jpg

Away from the city and the sounds of the horns its just coconut trees and rice fields and unique hotels no city buildings just straw huts that are so peaceful and quite that allow the sounds of the waves washing up of the volcanic pebble beaches.

Bail 1997 hutz.jpg